About Pure Joy Wellness

Pure Joy Wellness is a concierge service that combines personal training, nutrition, and self care to help you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Pure Joy Wellness helps you be young, strong, and sexy for life. We go beyond quick-fix diet and exercise advice and instead get to know our clients on a very personalized level to create specialized solutions that fit their lifestyle.

We train together in your home or our studio, we get in the kitchen and cook healthy meals that fit your busy life, and we create strategies together that give you the time you need to take care of yourself. Because when we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves.

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Renata Joy is the new 60. She is a mother, a grandmother, a successful entrepreneur, and a leading lifestyle expert. On top of all that, she is young, strong and sexy!

After watching her mother and two of her five siblings suffer chronic diseases and die too young as a result of their lifestyle choices, Renata made a drastic change for herself. She left a 20-year career as an Emmy-nominated TV producer to devote her life to helping women take charge of their health.

Renata’s mission is to teach women the importance of taking care of themselves and to understand that being healthy has to come from a healthy place.  It is possible to feel young, to feel strong and to feel sexy for your entire life. Renata is living proof.