6 Ways To Stay Fit While On Vacation

Memorial day is the beginning of the summer vacation season.  Just because you’re going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to forgo your diet and workout regimen.  You may be thinking,  “but isn’t the point of a vacation to take a break from real life?”

Yes, getting away from reality is good for the soul, and getting away from your usual workout routine is good for the body. However, a vacation can be the perfect time to exercise.  Being heathy is a lifestyle, not a part time habit and if something is important to your health, mood, and well-being, you do it every day. You wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth while on vacation, right? Of course not. Same goes for exercise while traveling. Taking time off for vacation shouldn’t mean taking time off from your healthy lifestyle too.  You can stay on track and still have fun. Here’s are 6 tips to try:

Do Your Homework
Before you even leave town, investigate the workout facilities in and around your hotel.  Some hotels offer fitness classes, gyms, even walking programs.  Also check for nearby parks with jogging trails or local gyms with day passes 

Carry A Load
Instead of packing one large suitcase with rollers, try distributing your luggage between two smaller suitcases. Then, balance the weight of the two cases on each side of your body as you carry your bags through the airport. Your upper torso will feel the burn.

Take Some Steps
Strap on a pedometer and count your steps each day.  Aim for 10,000 steps per day as you trek your way through your destination’s tourist sites.

Get Adventurous
Rent a bike, kayak, or surfboard.  Many rental shops also offer lessons.  Try something new on vacation, and burn a few calories while you’re at it.

Make a Splash
Lounging by the poolside is common activity during vacation.  So, while you’re lounging, why not hop in the pool every half-hour for a swim?  If you’re not a strong swimmer, try walking through water that is higher than waist deep.  The simple act of moving against the water’s resistance will provide a moderate workout.

Find Social Connections
Check out Meetup.com for specific activities.  Ask your friends via social media if anyone’s visited the area and can make recommendation.  Try being a “fitness tourist”.  Is there someone you’ve always wanted to train with, or something you’ve wanted to do?  Now’s the time.

While most of us can find excuses not to work out while on vacation, my challenge to you this holiday season is to find an excuse to work out. Look for those opportunities to move!