Client Spotlight Erin Selip

My clients inspire me every day. Erin is no exception. She just completed the NYC Marathon. I'm grateful that she shared her story with us. I hope you find a spark of inspiration for your own "big goal" project. 


Congrats Erin! You ran the 2017 New York City Marathon, Sunday November 5th and we are dying to know - how did it go? 

 I had a successful marathon, I ran for the American Cancer Society and thanks to Renata Joy - she trained me and got me ready !

 Tell us your work out story, when did you start running and what prompted you to start? And why run 26.2 miles?

I started running on the treadmill at the gym as part of my regular workout. I am a creature of habit and my mom told me I should do more stuff like weights.  I run to help with everyday stress.
When I started to do more charity work in life, and began saying yes to being of service I was asked to run in different races. I ran my first marathon a few years ago for the American Cancer Society and I ran yesterday for them too!

How did you choose Renata and Pure Joy Wellness to train you for the marathon and now that is it over tell us why you decided to keep training with Renata?

I have known Renata for a long time and always loved her energy. She is  great at what she does. Just look at her! Renata helped me learn how to do more than just run on the treadmill. I did not know how to use weights, or work with my balance and Renata helped me learn how to do what I have never done before! I work in the Hospitality world for a major hotel and I love what I do. I do stand on my feet all day and working out with Renata makes me stronger and I have more stamina.

I hear you have an awesome support system who is on Team Erin? 

 I do have an awesome support team! My mom and my boyfriend, my sister and my father. My father sent me my times throughout the race. I had friends in Brooklyn cheer me on with signs, and of course, Renata. She is amazing and the best cheerleader to have in your corner!

Any advice to people who may be thinking about trying to get up off the couch next year to compete? 

Take each day as it comes, set a realistic schedule and keep a food, work out, and gratitude journal. Oh and get Renata!
I was like a kid on first day of school this time for the marathon. I  stretched mediated and prayed. Since working with Renata  I have even set up my own gym at home. What she teaches me stays with me and I can use her workouts anytime. 

Have you grown stronger in other ways as your body has grown stronger? 

CONFIDENCE! I have so much more confidence, inner confidence. For example at mile 13 of my first race, I thought how am I going to do this? This time after working out with Renata and doing the proper training I was like, I got this! I am  not only stronger physically, but  stronger mentally too. 

Thank you Erin, we love sharing our PJW family member's success!

My pleasure. I told Renata, now we have to tackle my next goal New Year's Eve!- I want to be leaner and 10lbs lighter by then!

I'm so glad Erin shared her success story. It's rewarding to know that you see results in strength and stamina physically, as well as improved confidence and mental toughness. Pure Joy Wellness is about being the best you can possibly be, in all areas of life. 

You are a great example for all of us!