Gift Ideas for Healthy Friends and Family


I love the selflessness of giving gifts to others. The hunt for that perfect something can be a challenge; but it feels great when you end up with a gift that the person not only loves, but will bring them joy throughout the year.  I was thinking of that feeling when I picked out the gift ideas on this list. Who knows, you may even find yourself sending this list to your loved ones with a nice little hint for yourself!


The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker
The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo technology lets you control the cooker’s temperature and on and off switch from your smartphone or tablet.  Or you can just pre-set it if you’re afraid you’ll forget to play chef from you phone during the day. 
$129.99, or


Vitamix S30

If you’re serious about cooking healthy meals, the hands down best kitchen tool is the Vitamix S30. It may not be cheap, but the high performance S30 chops, blends and purees just like the pro models top chefs rely on, all while taking up practically no counter space. It’s only 18 inches high and less than 6 inches wide. What sealed it for me was its dial: Instead of asking yourself, “Should I hit grate, blend or shred?” you can adjust the knob from 1 to 10 for easy speed control.

$399.95, or


Lifefactory’s Glass Storage Containers

For those nervous that toxins may taint your healthy eats when packing them, Lifefactory’s glass storage containers and sleeves are BPA, BPS and phthalate free.  I love the fact that they are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.  Best feature of all: the button tab lid that really locks in place, which means no spilled surprises when bringing meals on the go.

$15 to $20, depending on the size, ranging from 1 to 4 cups.


Define Fruit Infused Water Bottle

If you’re more likely to reach for a soda than a glass of water, the Define Fruit Infused Water Bottle is your key to forming healthier habits.  You can fill it with your favorite fruits to infuse your water with delicious flavor, so staying hydrated will be fun again instead of a chore.



Outdoor Tech’s Orcas

Outdoor Tech’s Orcas are wireless earbuds that synch up to any Bluetooth enabled device up to 32 feet away, so there are never any cords to worry about.  Sweat proof and water resistant, they even feature a built in mic for calls, easy to reach buttons for powering it down and changing volume or switching your songs, plus it stays charged for about six hours.  I used it everyday for a week to exercise and never had to recharge it once.



Bia Multi-Sport GPS Tracker

Watches and bands that monitor and upload your workouts may be the norm, but the Bia goes one step beyond to watch your back.  Press its SOS alert button for three seconds and the device sends a text to your family or friends, giving them your exact GPS location.  This is perfect for keeping you safe, meeting up after a race or just letting others know where to find you when your workout is finally over.



TomTom Runner Sports Watch

The TomTom Runner Cardio has the bells and whistles you would expect of a higher end fitness watch, including a built in heart rate monitor (no chest strap required) that tracks your pulse through five distinct heart rate zones.  But nothing prepared me for how incredibly easy it was to use.  It relies on a single multi-directional button.  And because of its built-in GPS tech, it remembers your previous run and tells you exactly how many feet you’re falling behind or pacing ahead of your last workout.



WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards

Meet the solution to the “I don’t know what to do at the gym” dilemma.  This deck of 40 bodyweight exercises, 10 stretches, and six quick (but intense) workouts is adaptable to any fitness level.  With decks for men and women, each card features clean illustrations on one side and easy to follow instructions on the other.  They also tell you which muscles each exercise targets, though if you do any of their suggested circuits, you’ll feel the burn.



Trimax Sports PureAthletics Deluxe Resistance Cord Kit

These cords eliminate excuses for not working out when traveling.  Easy to fit into a suitcase or overnight bag, they make for a great resistance training workout to strengthen any body part.  The three different cords vary in strength and can be used in nine different ways to fine tune how much resistance you want to use.



SPRI High Performance Short Handle Speed Rope

Skipping rope may burn serious calories, but not if you can’t do it.  SPRI high performance Short Handle Speed Rope somehow lessens the learning curve, thanks to its easy grip handles (which are shorter than standard handles) and a non-kink rope that reduces friction from the floor, making each jump a lot smoother and faster than usual.


Jenny Present Custom Necklace

Take motivation with you when you wear this jewelry piece with customizable gold and silver charms. Design your own encouraging message of inspiration that you can wear close to your heart.