About Pure Joy Wellness

Today, Pure Joy Wellness offers concierge personal training, nutritional coaching, meal delivery, wellness retreats, and more to its clients.

Services are fully customized around each client’s lifestyle, built around their schedule, and delivered right to their doorstep.

Clients can train in their own homes or the PJW studio, or via Skype if they are traveling. Renata teaches clients to cook healthy meals in their own kitchens using their own resources, and delivers meals to the home or office. For those looking to hit the pause button and reconnect with themselves, Renata leads annual Pure Joy Retreats that teach women how to work self-care into their daily lives..

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Renata Joy is the new 60. She’s a mother, a grandmother, a successful entrepreneur, and a leading lifestyle expert. From her career as an esteemed television producer, through marriage and motherhood, to the adventure of building a wellness enterprise, Renata has mastered the art of balancing the demands of a busy life while pursuing a healthy one. Her mission is to help teach women the tools, routines, and practices that can help them live healthier lifestyles, no matter their age or schedule. It’s possible to feel young, to feel strong, and to feel sexy for your entire life. Renata is living proof.

 Renata’s first career path led her to New York City, where she was an Emmy-nominated TV producer on a variety of news and talk shows, including The View, and worked with media superstars such as Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw, Meredith Viera, and Tom Bergeron. She lived the archetypal life of a highly successful woman: 16-hour days and intense demands. At home, she was a wife and mother who, at times, lacked energy and wanted to feel more comfortable and confident in her body. However, she continued to make time for herself. In fact, caring for her health and well-being was the secret to her success—it was driven by her desire to do and be better. When she was running or lifting weights, she could clear her mind, feel strong in her body, and connect with the best parts of herself.

 In 2000, Renata left her 20-year career in television and founded Pure Joy Wellness, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping women take charge of their health. Renata realized that her lifetime of experiences working towards her wellness goals can be used to help others. “I’ve achieved my goals of good health and happiness in my life and want to energize women to reach their full potential and live fuller lives through caring for their minds, bodies, and spirits,” says Renata.

 She has stayed fit and healthy through every stage of life, including childbirth, menopause, unexpected weight gain, and more. She understands the challenges of prioritizing yourself when building a career, raising a family, and navigating relationships—and how to find the motivation and drive within you to make it happen. Her clients discover that they can achieve more than they knew they were capable of, stepping out of their comfort zone to find lasting growth and change, while gaining a confidence that benefits their home life, career, and relationships.

 As Renata trained more and more women, she has found more ways to help them achieve their goals. “I noticed my clients needed more from me. Some of them wanted me to bring them what I ate, others wanted to talk outside of the gym. I listened because it helped me design customized programs that best suited them.”

 Renata shares her expertise widely by sharing her secrets to staying Young, Strong, & Sexy for Life to audiences around the world, and has been featured in Vogue and Woman’s Day Magazine. However, her greatest accomplishment is seeing her clients be happy and healthy and surprise even themselves with what they can achieve.