“Renata helps me push myself to give it my personal best”

I’ve been training with Renata for over 7 years and no two workouts have been the same: there’s something fresh and exciting each time. Renata also trained me throughout my pregnancy– the workouts helped me keep up my energy level, even during the later months of the pregnancy and then helped me get back in shape quickly postpartum. Renata was great at tailoring workouts to different stages of the pregnancy– they were never too much or too little. Renata helps me push myself to give it my personal best– just when I think there is no way I could do another rep, she comes up with another variation and another that I then somehow manage to complete with her gentle encouragement. And at the end of each hard workout when she stretches me out, it feels better than any massage. She’s the best!



“I am able to accomplish things I never thought I could do”

I am much stronger than when we started and I am able to accomplish things I never thought I could do in the gym. My strength, flexibility and balance have all really improved, thanks to the varied workout routines you come up with and tailor for me. I love your attitude as well—you are completely motivating without ever being intimidating and you never let me off easy! I have been getting compliments from my friends and family about how my body has improved and how toned my arms have gotten. Thank you so much!



“Working with her was the best thing I decided to do”

I started working with Renata 8 weeks after my twins were born. I had been on bed rest for months and had lost almost all muscle tone and was heavy! Working with her was the best thing I decided to do. She steadily worked me back to the shape I am in now!


In the time that I have been working Renata I have made significant strides in my level of personal fitness and health. I have managed to lower my cholesterol by over 30 points and my fasting blood sugar is back below 94, representing great improvements in my overall health and allowing me to achieve better control over type two diabetes.


Renata is the best investment I've ever made. For the first time in my adult life, I'm consistently eating healthy and regularly working out, in a way that WORKS FOR ME. I think that's one of Renata's zones of genius — meeting you where you are, then having you stretch just a liiiiittle bit more.... so that you're able to make consistent and maintainable progress. Renata takes the time to understand your specific goals — no cookie-cutter solutions here. I've been working with Renata for 8 months now, and I'm hooked for life.


I wanted to work out with Renata to get toned and lose weight. Not only did I accomplish these goals, I gained strength that I never knew I could have. 


Photos would show what I hope to describe in words. Last summer I hated wearing clothes that showed my arms. This summer I am proud to show my arms. I have lost fifteen pounds, but more importantly, I no longer agonize about my body and what to wear. I like my body—Renata gave it back to me. She makes exercising fun, challenging, motivating, always different, never boring. I always feel good after our session. And the results are fantastic! Not only do I look better, I feel better. Renata is an excellent trainer.


I have loved every minute of working out with Renata (except for the sprints). During that time I have seen a dramatic change in my overall energy, health, flexibility and strength. She has been patient, yet pushed me to help me achieve my own personal goals, whether it is weight loss or training for my first triathlon. I would recommend her to anyone regardless of their athletic level.


Renata is by far my favorite personal trainer. She’s warm and professional. She listens to my concerns, addresses them immediately, and gets results fast. Within a few months, my figure is back to looking twenty years younger. Clearly this is a very high recommendation. She’s excellent.


Over the course of the two years that I have been working with Renata I have gotten in the best condition I have ever been in. For so long, I was one of those women with a super fast metabolism that never exercised and ate whatever I wanted and I was still a size 2. So I was slim but not fit and out of nowhere that changed and all those years of barely exercising and eating badly caught up to me. When I started with Renata, I could not even do one push-up but she was so patient and we worked hard and I now can say with confidence my arms look lean and muscular. I am very happy with the program she has created for me.



“Renata is honest, committed and most importantly an amazing listener”

She hears what my concerns are about my body and works to target the training to exactly where I need it. She makes recommendations on diet and helps with an overall plan so that I can stay healthy and supplement my workouts on my own. Renata has shown me how to get results and is direct with me about what I need to do to see success. I have worked out with many trainers that have caused me to bulk up or not see the changes I needed but Renata understands what it takes to make a lifestyle change. She knows how physiology, body type and diet all play a role. It has been great for me to work with someone for the past few years who is so knowledgeable—and dedicated to her craft.


I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn in 10 years

After marking my weight loss on the scale since I started with Pure Joy Wellness I thought perhaps there might be something in my closet that would fit again. This morning I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn in almost 10 years! Happy New Year indeed!


Renata is dynamite fitness professional

Her clients were always in superb physical condition after working with her; and it was easy to see why. She is serious, motivated, motivating, hardcore—the real thing. I recommend any client to her without reservation and will hire her myself if I end up practicing surgery in New York City.


I highly recommend her to anyone

Training with Renata for the last couple years has been a very positive experience. She built a training program for me based on me as an individual rather than a standard program. When I started with her it was my second pregnancy. I felt much better physically and emotionally through it and I owe that to the program Renata put together for me. I highly recommend her to anyone especially expecting moms and mothers of newborns who are looking to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.


Renata Joy Walks The Talk

Renata Joy ‘walks the talk’ and is a real source of inspiration to me. She is an expert on nutrition and the best techniques to train the female body to achieve maximum and stunning results. She has kept me in great shape over the years. Her workouts push me to the limits she knows my body can handle and the results are genius! She’s my trainer for life!


I feel strong, healthy, mentally fit and confident

I initially began working out with Renata after the birth of my 3rd child because I wanted help getting toned and back in shape. It has been almost two years now and what I have gained from her is so much more. I am no longer focused on the shape of my body, but rather my overall well being. When I consistently work out with her I feel strong, health, mentally fit and confident.I have worked out with several trainers over the years and this experience has been very different. The first thing I noticed was that my workouts didn’t have to be painful to the point that I’m dreading the experience. Renata pushes me far beyond what I would do myself, but I still enjoy the workout and feel accomplished, rather than beat up, when we are done. I end energized and excited for our next workout.The movements and workouts have helped me physically be able to improve my performance in the gym, but also in my life. I am able to work a pretty physical job and maneuver three kids around New York City with increased strength and mobility.Thanks so much Renata! You are truly life changing and I’m grateful.


"Renata is pure joy!"

For over two years, she has been coming to my home and training me one hour weekly. As a result, I feel great, I am fit, and I am meeting my fitness goals. I look great in clothes, and I am staying that way because of the discipline I have achieved as a result of her example and advice. She puts you on a great fitness regime whether in a small space, a gym, or outdoors. She is flexible and creative, and is scrupulous about monitoring your exercise positions, physical status and stamina during training sessions. Her manner is professional, kind, and congenial even when she is cajoling you to do your personal best. I wish I could train with her (almost) every day and I am not an exercise nut. I highly recommend Pure Joy Wellness.


You are in very good hands, Renata is amazing! She transformed my body, not once but twice!