At Pure Joy Wellness, we understand that not every body is the same. We create customized fitness plans that target your body’s needs and that make exercise fun. But that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging! Our clients step out of their comfort zone to find lasting growth and change. The confidence gained in our training carries over to their home life, career and relationships.

Using state of the art exercise techniques, you will burn fat, trim and tone your body, and improve your strength and endurance. We identify the activities that bring you joy—whether it be dancing, jumping rope, or hula hooping—to motivate your workouts. Training sessions are held at your home or in our own studio, and if you’re travelling we will ship equipment to you and train via Skype.



What you put in your body is equal to what you get out of it. We teach clients to cook healthy meals in their own kitchens using their own resources, and deliver meals and snacks to them on busy days. Our custom meal plans and cooking lessons help you reconnect with the true flavors of whole food, bond with your family while cooking and dining together, and learn that you don’t have to give up foods you love in order to be healthy.


Self Care

When we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves. Eating right and exercising aren’t the complete picture. Managing stress, making time for laughter and relaxation, and treating ourselves to joyful experiences contribute to the overall health of our bodies. We coach clients to prioritize self care and then use tactics to keep them accountable. These self-focused sessions provide a break from the daily chaos, and help you form a healthy mindset and successful habits that are passed on to your loved ones and children.