How Does Your Environment Influence You?

How does your environment influence you?  When I was growing up our home was filled with all the junk food you could imagine.

Every morning we had fresh donuts or coffee cake, my step-fathers favorite.  We made our own lunches which usually consisted of potato chips and twinkies and dinner was always a great meal but rarely did we see a salad or vegetable that wasn’t fried or swimming in water seasoned with salt pork.  I think it was one of the reasons I was so eager to move out in my late teens.  It was just simple too hard to make healthy choices when surround by all that food.

As I moved into my own space it became easier.   I finally learned one very important thing:  Not to have in the house those things that I didn’t want to eat.

Often I wanted to think that I could have a box of cookies in the cupboard and have just one once in a while.  Who was I trying to fool?

I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and every time I go home I am often reminded of those days.  These days when I go home to visit I stay with my younger sister, who keeps her home full of great healthy food.  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables all the things I love.

She makes it so easy to eat well.  She is now raising her son in a very different way then we were raised and I can see how he won’t have those same challenges with food that most of my family did.  What a blessing!

Does your environment support you or challenge you?  If you live in a home with others and you don’t have full control of the environment then I suggest you keep stocking it with great things you love.  This will help you make great choices.  Maybe you will influence those around you.

If you travel home or to places where you know the environment might trigger you or be challenging and you want to stick to your healthy choices, plan ahead.

Instead of being influenced, try influencing your environment and inspiring others and being a leader in the crowd.  Not only will this empower you but you just might inspire someone else.

Remember, choose wisely!