Changing Habits: How to Turn Wellness Into a Lifestyle

Is this something you struggle with?

Have you ever caught yourself trying to get rid of negative habits just by fighting them off? You know, when you find yourself tempted my something that isn’t in our weight loss meal plan, do you just get angry and try to “shout” the craving away? Mentally, you say, “No! I will not eat that cookie. I don’t need it and it’s not on my meal plan and I refuse to be weak!”

We all do it, but this type of negative reinforcement doesn’t work because it puts you in a negative mind state. How can you expect positive changes to come from a negative place?

Self-motivation is rooted in positivity. Focus on the positive habit you want to pick up and think about how they enhance your life.

For example, before you start your workout, say to yourself, “I really love the way being active makes me feel. I’m getting stronger every day, and soon this will get much easier.”

While you’re preparing a healthy meal say, “I love nourishing my body with clean food.”

And those negative habits? Forget ‘em! Give them as little attention as possible. Take your focus away from those temptations and don’t make them a big deal when they come around. Remember the more attention you give them, the ore power they’ll have over you.

Do the same thing if you have an off day and make a few unhealthy decisions. It happens, we’re human! Rather than obsessing about the slip up and beating yourself up over it, admit that you’ve made some mistakes and vow to do better from here on out. Give yourself credit for making a positive change!

The key is to affirm that you will keep getting better. Over time, as you continue to reinforce your positive habits and minimize your focus on the negative habits, you’ll find that you naturally gravitate toward the positive one!

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