Going For Gold


I love the Olympics. I know it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t, but I LOVE the Olympics. I have always been amazed by the female athlete, perhaps because I once had Olympic dreams of my own during my high school and college days as a track and field athlete. 

I sat glued to the games, watching and cheering and being in awe of women like Wilma Rudolph, Flo-Jo, and her sister in law Jackie Joyner Kersee, Simone Biles, Mary Lou Retton, Serena and Venus - my list goes on and on.

There are so many Olympians who never compete for the money or fame. These elite competitors do it for the sheer love and dedication to their sport. They spend a lifetime perfecting their craft, they go for Olympic Gold, their pinnacle of success.

The Olympics and all of it’s amazing athletes not only inspire me - they pump me up! The games remind me to jump high over the hurdles and go for the gold in life!

How many of us can say we do things in our life purely because we love them? Whether it be our jobs, the cities we live in, the relationships we are in, even the workouts we choose — how often are those choices purely based on what truly makes us happy?

So happy that we are willing to give up everything else to do this thing we love so deeply? And how many of us are still looking for that something in our lives we love enough, to offer it true dedication and sacrifice? I believe we are all capable of a life led by true passion and happiness, and the dedication it takes to achieve greatness — so what’s holding us back?

Flo Jo had a mantra that she used “ Believe, Achieve, Succeed”. Others Olympians use mental imagery, music and whatever it takes to get in that winning mindset.

I often use meditation, workouts and affirmations to help me sift through the noise in life and get back to the root of what truly makes me happy.

 One of my favorite affirmations that I repeat when there is something in my way that needs tackling  is: “ I have power and self-control and each moment I am more self-confident ( take a breath) and relaxed”. Saying this helps calm me.

Looking for inspiration? It is ALIVE AND KICKING in PYEONGCHANG SOUTH KOREA!  
Sit down and drink in the magic of the Olympics Games.

The athletes who have committed their entire lives to the pursuit of being the absolute BEST in their sport will surely lift our spirits and inspire us to up our game as well. 

I challenge you to find the GOLD MEDAL in your life. Discover what are you willing to do to GO FOR IT!