Bouncing Back After A Setback


It’s been a long time since I had to worry about my fitness level. I work out for a living.

I work out for me. I make my living helping others work out. Because of that it’s been a while since I had to worry about my strength or endurance. 

Enter life with shingles. It’s a condition caused by the chicken pox virus. If you had them when you were a kid, it’s in your body and can become shingles when you are under a tremendous amount of stress
I was in unfamiliar territory. 
My immune system was compromised and I had no choice but to give my body a break. I had to change my routine that is usually centered around work outs and being very active. 

It was humbling. I received a major lesson in patience with myself and my body. It was really hard.
Recovering, slowing down and being patient.
All of it was challenging. 

Here’s what I learned.
I am sharing this in the hopes it will help you too. 

Everyone has setbacks. Maybe you’ve had an injury or an illness too. Perhaps you had a baby and your entire life changed. Maybe you took care of someone else and put your fitness goals on the back burner for a while. 

We’ve all been there. Whatever the reason please know you are not alone. 

I am feeling better. I am dealing with the consequences of having my life turned upside down. I am back to my normal routine but I still struggle through Pilates, yoga, push-ups, jumpingrope and short runs; all things that were basics for me. 

I know the next few weeks (or more) are going to take patience with my body and myself as I build my strength and my cardio back to where I was pre-illness. I have to check my ego since as a "known" fitness person; I may be the one in the room struggling the most through workouts for now.  
It’s not the first time, but it is the first time in a long time.  

Here’s what I know for sure. 
•    It's important to go easy on ourselves and our bodies. 
•    Getting in shape takes time, work, and patience. 
•    We all start and restart from somewhere, and wherever you are - embrace it. 
•    Don't judge yourself. This is your journey.  

While there is nothing more important than our health, the recipe to being a happy and healthy human being is much more complex than showing up to the gym for an hour a day. 

It's 100% true that leading an active lifestyle is essential to our overall health. It’s also true that listening to our bodies will ensure you won’t lose sight of what else contributes to your health and happiness. 

You can do it. Start where you are.
If you can do that today, tomorrow it will be easier.
And the next week it’ll be even better. 

Need help getting started let me know. I’m here to help. 

I found this information about shingles helpful to understand the cause, treament and how to prevent a recurrence